The Magic of Bodmin Moor – cycles of life

The magic of Bodmin Moor


 We are fortunate at Tredarrup to be in a location where we are both near to the North Cornish coast and the magical rugged Bodmin Moor.  Whilst many come here for the beaches and dramatic coastline, many do also for the moorland and its great walks, although it is sometimes overlooked.  But for us it is a place of such diversity and beauty and on a sunny clear day like today it was at its best…  My first sound of a cuckoo this year and that I was also able to spot in a tree, dramatic scenery but also animal life galore… Best always to stop if a herd of moorland cattle start coming towards you, intent on their path……and take time to look at the new foals and new-born lambs….always at a safe distance though.. 

Moorland cattle


We're coming towards you.....


I'm still very young.....


New arrival being licked clean, I am a new born lamb honest!



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2 Responses to “The Magic of Bodmin Moor – cycles of life”

  1. Tony Says:

    What great photos. My family migrated to Tasmania from England in the 1800’s & I would love to come for a visit one day but more than likely funds will never see it happen. I love the British countryside, especially around the Cornwall area. Enjoyed looking through your blog. Greetings from Tasmania

    • tredarrup2008 Says:

      Greetings Tony in Tasmania….Thank you – Cornwall is a great place to visit….I’ve yet to visit Tasmania just watched the boats going across whnlived in Melbourne for a while. Best from North Cornwall. J

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